Optiscan (Optiscan)

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關于品牌Optiscan (Optiscan)

Optiscan is an Australian company that has developed and patented miniaturised confocal microscopes, and is now a global leader in the development and application of microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets.

Optiscan is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (OIL).

Optiscan (Optiscan)代理體系

Below is a list of the international Optiscan FIVE 1 Distributors. The Optiscan FIVE 1 is a powerful handheld fluorescence microscope for laboratory research.

Taiwan Ming-mei Technology Company Ms.Rebecca 5F1, No.306-2, Nei-Hu Road, Section 1, Taipei 114, Taiwan(Nei Hu Science&Technology Park),
P: +886-2-26572188
F: +886-2-26598845
E: sales@ming-mei.com.tw
W: www.ming-mei.com.tw
Northern China Chilong Healthcare International Limited Guangyu(Gerry) Zhao,
General Manager
1503 Room, No.1 Building, Jia Ye Mansion II, Feng Tai District,
P: +86-10-67616685
F: +86-10-8762787
E: guangyu.zhao@chilong.com.cn
W: www.chilong.com.cn
Southern China Shanghai Neihu Company Limited General Manager Room 1302, No.1, Lane 299, Luban Road, Shanghai
PRC 200023
P: +86 21 63045605
F: +86 21 63044628
E: neihu@shnh.com.cn
W: www.shnh.com.cn

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